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Blogging thumb Blogs influencing salesA poll of Australians by blogging network, Nuffnang, has found that almost 90 per cent of respondants are swayed by blogger reviews.

While blogging is still relatively new in Australia, Nuffnang says it has seen an explosion of new bloggers in the last three years.

“It was no surprise to find out that 89 per cent of respondents are swayed by a blogger’s review of a product or service and want to go on to try it for themselves,” said David Krupp, Nuffnang’s country manager.

“This demonstrates the power of blogs for Australian brands’ marketing campaigns,” he said.

The survey found:

89 per cent are swayed by a blogger’s review of a product or service and would like to try it for themselves; 89 per cent make the purchasing decisions in their household and of these, 87 per cent have learnt about a new product or service via a blog; 81 per cent are noticing banner advertisements displayed next to the blogs they read; 90 per cent pass on blog information to family and friends; 92 per cent have used a search engine to find out more about a brand after reading about it on a blog post; 90 per cent are loyal to a brand once they find one they like; 65 per cent have entered a competition through a blog in the past 12 months; 78 per cent of respondents agree blogs are a better source of information than traditional and mainstream media; and 64 per cent of bloggers are between 18 to 34 years old.

“As the industry matures, we’ll see blogging become a mainstream medium as we’ve seen in other markets.

“Many bloggers start a blog for self satisfaction but quickly evolve this vision, hoping to become an expert or publicly recognised,” Krupp said.

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