iPhone app helps women conceive

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Forget Gen Y and Z – the new wave of kids are being called I-babies.

Women are now using phone applications to help them know when the best time is to conceive.

They are the new generation of iBabies, children born with the help of an application telling a couple the best time to conceive.

For just a few dollars, women can receive an alarm on their iPhone alerting them to their most fertile days of the month.

‘When we see couples who are trying to become pregnant we advise them to use the same tracking procedure and now it’s available on iPhone it’s great as it is convenient and not costly,’ said Dr Joel Bernstein, medical director of Fertility East.

‘All these trackers do is just work out the perfect time to have intercourse.’

Dr Bernstein it’s becoming common practice, because technology is so ingrained in our lifestyles.

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