Royal wedding to be streamed online

royal wedding thumb Royal wedding to be streamed onlineWhen Prince William and Catherine Middleton marry on April 29, they will be the 16th royal couple to wed in Westminster Abbey – but they will be the first to have their nuptials played out, in real time, as a global web event.

But the royals aren’t the only ones using multimedia for the wedding.

Anti-monarchists are using Facebook to organise protests against the cost of the wedding, amid steep public spending cuts by the coalition government.

Other web-users simply see the wedding as a chance to have some royal fun.

More than 120,000 people have joined a Facebook group called Royal Wedding Drinking Game, allowing members to post commands to drinkers watching the proceedings on television.

Spoof accounts are also creeping onto the main social networking sites. One cheeky Twitter page, William-HRH, has over 10,000 followers. ‘Dear deluded subjects, if you have yet to receive your invitation, chances are you never will,’ the faux prince tweets.

An official mobile phone app telling the story of seven past royal weddings has been released but it will have to compete with a host of unofficial apps, ranging from photo galleries to clocks counting down to the big day.

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