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NBN thumb1 Internet access life changingA federal parliamentary committee has been told that internet access can be life changing for some people living in regional communities.

John Lindsay, from internet service provider Internode, told the inquiry his company was a strong supporter of the national broadband network (NBN).

But he said the cost of the service to consumers would be a big factor in its success in opening up regional communities to high-speed internet access.

Mr Lindsay said Internode had taken numerous testimonials from customers as the company had rolled out its own high-speed connections.

They had allowed many business people and other professionals, who were facing the prospect of having to move into bigger cities, to continue to live and work in regional communities.

‘Their professional lives meant they needed that level of connectivity,’ Mr Lindsay told the House of Representatives Standing Committee into the role and potential of the NBN.

‘So it really has been life changing for these people.’

In the debate over the merits of fixed line fibre connections and competing wireless services, Mr Lindsay said Internode considered them complementary technologies.

He said long-term contracts that accompanied fixed line services often did not appeal to young internet users or lower income earners who preferred pre-paid wireless connections.

But he said those same people might be lured into using the NBN if the price of connection was kept low.

In its submissions to the inquiry the South Australian government said the commonwealth’s commitment to providing high-speed, affordable broadband was to be applauded.

It said the government commitment was also important in that it recognised the need for priority in regional areas.

‘Achieving equity, affordability and priority will also enable considerable benefit to all communities,’ the government said.

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