Quigley denies floods will impact NBN

NBN Network thumb Quigley denies floods will impact NBNThe head of the government funded company charged with the responsibility for building the national broadband network has denied speculation that the Queensland floods will significantly impact the NBN.

NBN Co Chief Executive Mike Quigley says that he does not expect the Queensland floods to delay the rollout of the high-speed network, and that the company remains in talks with Telstra over its participation in the NBN.

‘The discussions are still taking place, we are hoping to do it as soon as we possibly can but it’s a complex process,’ Mr Quigley told reporters in Sydney on Friday.

‘I accept that it’s taken some time but I would also be remiss if I tried to hurry it beyond what was a proper process.’

Mr Quigley said he would not comment on whether NBN Co was in negotiations with Optus over the closure of its cable network.

‘I don’t comment on any potential negotiations that we may have with any other providers while they may be on going or otherwise,’ Mr Quigley said.

‘I will neither confirm nor deny that they are taking place.’

Meanwhile, Mr Quigley also hit back at claims that he is disappointed by the Victorian government’s decision to reject an opt out model, which forces Victorians to actively choose fibre optic connections for their homes.

Story source: http://www.bigpond.com/

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