Floods go global in online coverage

floods thumb Floods go global in online coverageQueensland’s floods are making news in some, but not all, parts of the world.

America’s CNN network is reporting online a ‘scene of utter devastation’ with aerial footage of the flooded Lockyer Valley and people being airlifted from their rooftop refuges.

Britain’s BBC is leading its online news service with a story about the Brisbane flooding, reporting that 20,000 homes may be hit.

It is running eyewitness accounts from Toowoomba alongside footage of cars being washed away and smashed against bridges by gushing waters.

The networks’ TV bulletins are also covering the story.

Ipswich mayor Paul Pisasale told Sky News on Wednesday that many calls from international media were among hundreds of mobile phone inquiries he has been attempting to answer.

The New York Times is leading online with stories from the Arizona shooting and its own weather emergency, a giant snowstorm approaching, but has a story about the floodwaters threatening Brisbane in its Asia-Pacific section.

The Times newspaper in Britain is leading online with the Brisbane floods, showing images of people wading through waters with their possessions.

However, the floods are not news everywhere, with no reports on the home pages of Canada’s Ontario Times and Paris’ Le Monde online sites.

Closer to home, the Jakarta Post online has news of the floods in its world section, while The China Daily has a story about the NSW floods trapping 1,700 people but has not updated its online coverage to include the latest on the Queensland floods.

Further east, the Times of India online is leading its world coverage with the floods, depicting thousands fleeing Brisbane ‘to escape a tsunami-like tidal wave’ and reporting 30 people dead, despite an official toll of 10.

Story source: www.bigpond.com

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